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The Well and Productive CRC is an industry-led collaboration, focused on promoting good mental health and preventing illness, while creating the best path to high quality care.
Industry partners and SMEs from corporate Australia, as well as researchers with significant knowledge and expertise in mental health and workplace wellbeing, have joined forces to understand the impact the work and work environments have on individual health and wellbeing.
The Well and Productive CRC is proposed to be a seven-year, $100 million collaboration between industry, government, SME and research partners.

Industry and University Partners

The Well and Productive CRC is engaging with large corporations and SMEs, with confirmation from our lead industry partner, Bupa, as well as Digital Health Organisation, Second Muse, Woolworths, SkillsIQ, Impact Innovation, GO1 and Mindstar.

Our university partners have united to support industry-led research. Together, they have a strong history of working collaboratively internationally, nationally and in the regions. We are in discussions with a number of Australian universities with Monash University, University of Melbourne, RMIT, Central Queensland University, Orama Institute of Mental Health and Wellbeing – Flinders University, University of South Australia and Swinburne University have all committed at this stage.


The core objectives of the Well and Productive CRC are to:

  • Drive rapid research and development that responds to the mental health needs of workers and workplaces
  • Measure the impact of products, programs and services on the mental health needs of workers and workplaces
  • Support innovation, and trial and test products, programs and services that are customised to workers and workplaces
  • Share knowledge across industry about what works in the promotion of good mental health, and what does not work and what industry should stop investing in
  • Deliver a new knowledge generation in the promotion of good mental health of creative and connected industry thought leaders
  • Commercialise products, programs and services in Australia and internationally, that support the promotion of good mental health
  • Shape society, creating happier and healthier communities.

Key People

Daniel Lipshut

Board Chair
Intercorp Pty. Ltd.

Daniel has enjoyed many years as an entrepreneur and company director including more than twenty as CEO of both larger listed and smaller private corporations. He is an experienced executive and non-executive director, with extensive dealings at all levels of government and the corporate sector. His background spans a broad range of corporate, commercial and board roles including sales/marketing, M & A, Corporate Governance, REM/ NOM, but mostly – strategic business development. Daniel has a particular expertise in fostering growth for international Hi-Tech companies in Australia, having worked in the space for over 25 years. (MBA, GICD, DISC) 

Professor Jane Burns

Acting CEO

Jane brings a unique combination of research leadership senior executive experience. She leads large consortia and executive teams working at the nexus of research and development, industry and the social sector. Over her career she has attracted more than $200M of industry, government and philanthropic funds to drive new leadership in mental health reform with a major focus on new and emerging technologies. Jane is an international speaker on the topic of mental health; an experienced board director, and chair of the Federal Government’s National Advisory Council for Veterans Families’ Counselling. Jane was the CEO of the Young and Well CRC (2011 – 2017) 

Annette Schmiede

Chair of the Industry and Science Leadership Council (The Council)
Bupa Health Foundation

Annette has held leadership and governance positions across Australia’s public and private health industry and university sector. She currently leads the Bupa Health Foundation, one of Australia’s leading corporate charitable foundations dedicated to funding health and medical research. The Foundation is an active partner in a current CRC and Annette is on its Research Committee. As Deputy Chair of the Northern Sydney Health District and a Director of

Research Australia she has a deep understanding of research policy and the translation and commercialisation imperatives. An economics graduate she is an Assoc. Professor in the School of Public Health at Sydney University.

Well & Productive CRC

E: info@wellandproductivecrc.com.au

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