The Well and Productive CRC as a seven-year, >$170 million collaboration between industry, Government, regulators, and researchers.

The total value of partner contributions are $121 million  (a combination of cash and in-kind) with a request to the Commonwealth Government for $53 million.

Our Stage 1 CRC partners include companies in the technology, emergency, health, construction, aviation, professional services and manufacturing sectors, industry peak bodies, social impact investors, regulators, insurers, policy makers and education technology innovators.

Additionally, we have a focus on industries with high levels of mental injury claims such as emergency services, health, aviation, manufacturing, professional services and construction. These industries present significant unmet needs in workplace mental wellbeing.

We are thrilled by the opportunity to bring together this incredibly exciting collaboration that has the potential to revolutionise the modern workplace, change lives and create a strong impact in Australia and beyond.

Stage 1 round 24 partners and third parties.

Allianz Australia Workers’ Compensation (Victoria) Limited
A.P. Psychology & Consulting Services Pty Ltd
Advanced Health Intelligence Ltd
Ai Group Limited
Akin Australia Pty Ltd
Arriba Group Pty Ltd
Austin Health
Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors Ltd.
Beamible Pty Ltd
Business Council of Australia
Central Queensland University
Civil Contractors Federation
Cogniant Pty Ltd
Comcare Australia
Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health
Consult Australia
Converge International Pty Ltd
Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia Limited
Curve Tomorrow (Aust) Pty Ltd
Department of Health (Queensland Ambulance Service)
Eagle Lighting Australia Pty Ltd
Everperform Pty Ltd
Financial Resilience Australia Pty Ltd
Flintworks DTX Pty Ltd
Howden Insurance Brokers (Australia) Pty Ltd
Impact Innovation Group Pty Ltd
Institute for Breathing and Sleep
Joye Pte Ltd
Lived Experience Australia Ltd
Mackillop Family Services Limited

MindRazor Pty Ltd
Mindstar Enterprises Pty Ltd
Monash Partners
Institute for Safety Compensation and Recovery Research (ISCRR)
Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation (MCHRI)
Monash University
Nursing and Midwifery Health Program, Victoria Ltd
Peckvonhartel Group Pty Ltd
People Diagnostix Pty Ltd
Philia Labs Pty Ltd
Public Service Commission
Qantas Airways Limited
Readiness Pty Ltd
Rely Platform Pty Ltd
Return To Work Corporation of South Australia
SafeWork NSW
Safework SA
SecondMuse LLC
Self Insurers of South Australia Incorporated
Sleepfit Solutions Pty Ltd
Special Olympics World Games Perth 2027 Limited
The Australian Psychological Society Limited
The Repat Foundation Incorporated
The Sleep Health Foundation
The United Project Foundation LTD
Transitioning Well Pty Ltd
University of Melbourne
Versalux Lighting Systems Pty Ltd
Victorian WorkCover Authority
Vigilum Technologies Pty Ltd
Western District Health Service
XT Ventures Pty Limited
Small Business Victoria
Victoria Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hub
WorkSafe QLD

We anticipate the Well and Productive CRC will drive significant positive economic outcomes such as the creation of more than 4000 jobs in related industries such as health technology and advanced manufacturing within 15 years. 

In addition, the Well and Productive CRC will drive creation of new commercialisable research outputs, that can be scaled for adoption by end-users with unmet needs.


If you would like to join us as a Well and Productive CRC partner and be a part of a research consortium aiming to make a significant impact in workplace mental health, please contact us. We would be pleased to meet with you to discuss your interests,