• Political factors associated with workplace mental wellbeing challenges – why this is an important policy issue that we need to address now
  • Workplace wellbeing and mental health are key items on the national agenda and it is important to address them from a range of perspectives.
  • Particularly in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has heightened the challenges of working sustainably in new settings. Faced with an extensive loss of employment and social interaction, and stressors such as moving to remote work, many Australians have experienced widespread stress, confusion and anger (AIHW).
  • There is an impetus to address these issues, and a number of important strategic enquiries have identified the need to work collaboratively to harness new innovations in this area, including via the research consortium approach.
  • The recent Productivity Commission on Mental Health Inquiry and the Victorian Royal Commission on Mental Health reflect the importance of these issues on the national agenda. Suicide prevention has been identified as a key national priority.
  • 8 precious lives are lost in Australia each day, as a result of suicide, representing a significant loss to our community. Supporting people to remain in states of wellbeing and productivity at work will enable them to thrive, and support Australia’s goals of Zero suicides. DIVERS