Our Research Programs

Research Program 1:

People and Skills

This program explores ‘participatory health’ and customised workplace wellbeing approaches targeting individual strengths, relationships and behaviour, using whole system thinking. Outputs include smart analytics, virtual reality and biometric performance and monitoring tools and human-tech interfaces incorporating artificially ‘emotional’ intelligence.

Research Program 2:

Workplaces, Interfaces and Spaces

This program develops and embeds innovative solutions
that enhance wellbeing through job design, workplace
environments and communities. Outputs include technologiesthat apply advances in artificial intelligence and data science to improve environments, along with wellbeing labs and hubs in built environments, cities and communities.

Research Program 3:

Leadership Practices and Policy

This program will enhance the way executives and  boards identify and reduce psychosocial hazards by using smart data to drive whole system change, building standardised measurement and rating systems. The three research programs will also support the Well and Productive Education and Training program. This will create:

  • Education and employment pathways across vocational
    training, undergraduate and postgraduate courses
  • A new wellbeing, micro-credentialed practitioner workforce
  • 30 Doctor of Philosophy (PhDs) opportunities supporting
    evidence-based practice and its translation to policy.

Education and Training

The Well and Productive CRC education and training program will be embedded in the three research
programs and will focus on building a new workforce via 30 PhDs supporting evidence based practice
and its translation to policy; and a wellbeing micro-credentialed practitioner workforce including education
and employment pathways across vocational training, undergraduate and postgraduate courses.


The Well and Productive CRC aims to deliver new products, services, jobs and insights.

New Products and Services

  • A Well and Productive Digital Sandpit designed to create the rapid development and
    measurement of products, services and platforms for Australian and international corporations
  • A Well and Productive Innovation Fund involving start-ups and innovators, to help solve
    industry problems in real time
  • Well and Productive Products and Services, proven to work in the real world.

New Jobs

  • An industry-led Well and Productive education program supporting a Best Brains Exchange
    of thought leaders and entrepreneurs, including 30 PhDs and an annual entrepreneur’s masterclass and networked community
  • A new Well and Productive workforce focused on micro-credentials in wellbeing and productivity
    in vocational, undergraduate and postgraduate courses
  • A Well and Productive innovative training platform supporting the ongoing professional development of more than 10,000 professionals.

New Insights

A cutting-edge real-time Well and Productive Databank, geospatially mapped to different industries
to support the measurement of psychological risk and the environmental impact of high-risk jobs.
This Well and Productive Databank can be used by large and small business to drive and measure productivity

  • The Well and Productive Advisor, an industry-led rating scale that approves and identifies the return on investment for industry, government and health systems on wellbeing approaches
  • The Well and Productive Innovation Platform, white labelled and built to open APIs, allowing industry to share knowledge and expertise about products, platforms and approaches that
    are evidence-based, applicable and relevant
  • A Well and Productive Social Research Network direct to consumers, and as active partners
    in research this platform will be an open marketplace, supporting innovative approaches
    to the key pillars of wellbeing (financial security, social connection, stress management,
    sleep hygiene, food and mood, and physical activity).

Well & Productive CRC

E: info@wellandproductivecrc.com.au

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