Research Programs

The research programs are integrated to facilitate reform in policies, products and practices, with a focus on prevention of harm and promotion of wellbeing and productivity.

Leadership and Systems

This program will enhance the way leaders create workplaces that promote mental health and productivity and drive whole system change.


  1. Leading Well Framework and training program that provides a customisable 4-dimensional framework to define what is required of leaders in mentally healthy workplaces.
  2. Leading Well Virtual Leadership Coach App that allows users to draw on current research to answer leadership questions, engage in structured debriefing and use of data for continuous development.
  3. Compliance and Evaluation Toolkits that provide how-to guides including benchmarking, audit tools and competency based training requirements; and an evaluation framework that underpins a star rating system for products, tools and services.
  4. Better Workplace Models of Care for stay-at-work or return-to-work
  5. Workplace audit tools for model of care approaches to support workers
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Work and Workplace Design

This program will focus on how, when and where work is organised. It will inform work design and innovation that caters for organisational variety in size, work settings, and industries.


  1. Tools that model and measure impacts on workers’ wellbeing from solutions addressing lighting, acoustics, air quality, thermal comfort, movement and general interior layout.
  2. Dynamic circadian lighting systems for indoor work environments to simulate natural light.
  3. Technology to optimise work design, scheduling, workload management and risk management.
  4. Workload planning software that analyses work schedules and work intensity, models mental risk ‘hotspots’ and enables proactive management.
  5. Services and products for prevention of psychosocial hazards including flexible work arrangement models, training simulations, peer-to-peer mentoring models, virtual coaching and learning networks to build knowledge, skills and abilities.
Worker Mental Health and Wellbeing
This program will equip people at work with the right tools, interventions and resources they need to be well and productive.


  1. Personable, validated digital markers of worker mental health and wellbeing. For example activity, sleep, emotional wellbeing, shift work, movement patterns and interpersonal interactions at work.
  2. Digital biodata tools to inform personalised intervention plans.
  3. Integrated suite of just-in-time adaptive interventions for selection and use by individuals in response to their digital biodata and others key pillars of wellbeing.
  4. Toolkit to guide workplaces on effective implementation of innovative interventions that upskill and empower employees to manage their physical and psychological health, wellbeing, and productivity and reduce their risk of illness.
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Digital Ethics and Responsible Data Governance

This program will focus on responsible design, deployment and use of data-driven solutions, as threshold feasibility requirements for outputs from other programs. The program will employ a Responsible Research and Innovation approach to create effective and equitable data governance frameworks for the use of sensitive personal data by Australian businesses.


  1. Data for workplace wellbeing training program
  2. Co-designed data governance
  3. Evaluation framework for sensitive personal data processing for mental health outcomes
  4. Guides and toolkits on digital best practice for fair, privacy enhancing and accountable techniques and governance for machine learning and related technologies.
  5. Digital Sandbox, a turn-key service for design, prototyping and pilot evaluation of digital solutions and services that benefit workers and industry.
Commercialisation and Translation

The Well and Productive Tech Hub will develop a commercially focused ecosystem that focuses on evidenced-based technology that addresses industry and consumer needs for mentally healthy workplaces. Four elements will create this ecosystem:

Wellnet: A network for informed ideation, to ensure that the industry and consumer need is aligned with the solution.

Digital Sandbox: A contemporary business incubator for rapid design, test and trial of ideas, and engagement with impact investors.

Impact Investors: Investment and support to design, develop and scale tech in different industry verticals, based on scientific evidence of effectiveness, including ease of implementation and adoption.

Marketplace: A ‘go to’ for industry and consumers to make informed choices via a rating system that captures the perspectives from research, industry and consumer.


The Well and Productive CRC is committed to collaboration, commercialisation, translation, adoption and impact – to construct a health and safety ecosystem that eliminates and mitigates psychosocial hazards in the workplace.

In doing this we will design and develop new products, services, jobs and insights, based on stronger connections between research, industry, workers and regulators.

We anticipate the Well and Productive CRC will drive significant positive economic outcomes such as the creation of more than 4000 jobs in related industries such as health technology and advanced manufacturing within 15 years. We will contribute to the creation of a more resilient, competitive and advanced Australian innovation and technology development ecosystem.

Committed to collaboration

The Well and Productive CRC combines the skills, experience and knowledge of over 70 partners who have come together at Stage 1 – including 48 SMEs. This is an incredibly exciting collaboration that has the potential to revolutionise the modern workplace.

Our 70 industry partners include companies in the technology, construction and health sectors, industry peak bodies, unions, social impact investors, insurers and education technology innovators. There will be a focus on industries such as health, emergency services, professional services, aviation, construction and manufacturing as they all have high levels of mental health claims.

New Products

  • A Well and Productive CRC Digital Sandpit designed to create the rapid development and measurement of products, services and platforms for Australian and international corporations
  • A Well and Productive CRC Innovation Fund involving start-ups and innovators, to help solve industry problems in real time
  • Well and Productive CRC Products and Services, rigorously tested and developed with world-leading research and innovation insights, and factoring in the views of end-users, leading to co-designed products and services that will appropriately cater to the unmet needs.
New Jobs

Capability Building & New Jobs
  • An industry-led Well and Productive CRC education program supporting a Best Brains Exchange of thought leaders and entrepreneurs, including 40 PhDs and an annual entrepreneur’s masterclass and networked community where researchers and industry specialists are able to work together cohesively to synergise their new product development ideas and tackle pressing, new challenges
  • A new Well and Productive CRC workforce focused on education and training via microcredentials, degree into award courses, PhD programs and a contemporary professional development training suite
  • A Well and Productive CRC innovative training platform supporting the ongoing professional development of more than 10,000 professionals, and including industry-specific customisation to meet the targeted needs of specific sectors, equipping them with the skillsets that they need to be more productive at work
New Jobs

  • A cutting-edge real-time Well and Productive CRC Databank, geospatially mapped to different industriesto support the measurement of psychological risk and the environmental impact of high-risk jobs.
  • This Well and Productive CRC Databank can be used by large and small business to drive and measure productivity
  • The Well and Productive CRC Advisor, an industry-led rating scale that approves and identifies the return on investment for industry, government and health systems on wellbeing approaches
  • The Well and Productive CRC Innovation Platform, white labelled and built to open APIs, allowing industry to share knowledge and expertise about products, platforms and approaches that are evidence-based, applicable and relevant